Wednesday 20 December 2017

Take a Mental Detox

Our bodies are amazing creations so please indulge me whilst I talk about my recent detox again. Innately the body knows how to nourish itself, expel waste and stay healthy. So, why do I, or any of us, need to interfere with nature and take steps to detox? Innocently, probably through a lack of knowledge, we are already interfering with our natural balance. Consuming too much sugar, too much caffeine and excessive amounts of convenient processed food. Conversely, not providing enough calcium, iron and other essential vitamins and nutrients.

Physically we can overload our bodies with bad inputs, the wrong quantities or other poor eating habits. Crash and fad diets only work in the short term. We just need to learn how to calm down and gently nourish our bodies. The aim of a good programme should be to form better nutritional habits that assist the body rather than hindering it.

Psychologically, we have the same innate wisdom that is present physiologically. Our minds and mental well-being are the same. Whilst all thoughts come from the power of mind, we can innocently hold on to unhealthy ones. Likewise, we can allow our minds to race with so many thoughts that we have no clarity or space for new insight. Finally, we have all had those moments where the efforts we make to force a thought fail. The classic example is trying too hard to find one's keys. Just as our physical bodies have the wisdom required to not just survive but thrive, so too our minds. Old thoughts are automatically cleared away to allow the introduction of new ones. The nuggets of truth will always be absorbed for use later on and as they say, time is the healer of the past.

We all have access to an infinite source of wisdom. So detox from your unhelpful habits and learn to live more naturally. Our minds are just waiting for us to leave them alone long enough to do their jobs.

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