Thursday 11 July 2013

The Unchangeable Principles Behind The Human Experience

Three weeks ago I attended a 3 day conference designed to help the delegates explore the unchangeable principles behind the human experience. The most powerful thing I understand better is that there are fundamental truths that control how we as humans operate, whether we know it or not. The first, very simple, step in having a greater life experience is simply to recognise their existence. A deeper understanding allows further upgrades but it all starts with appreciating what is going on.

For example, there is a principle in the physical laws called gravity. We do not need to know anything about it or even agree with it but things will be pulled towards the ground by it. If you were not aware of gravity, you would be confused and have a hard time understanding why the object you just let go of in front of your face is not still there. You would have no idea where to find it either. Simply recognising that gravity exists will allow you to not be shocked that the object has moved. Further basic understanding teaches you to look down. A deeper knowledge enables you to do things like catching it before it smashes.

One of the 3 unchangeable principles is that we already have all the wisdom we need inside us. So unlike science, there is no need to study. Teaching about the principles is therefore not an intellectual process but is a way of helping us to reveal the truths we already know.

Another is that the thoughts we have control how we feel and how we perceive the world around us. No one and nothing external can make us feel something. Only our own inner thoughts can and do affect the outside world.

I challenge each of you reading this to take step one and merely notice the effect your thoughts have. Enjoy your upgrade.

*I originally wrote this post on another blog back in 2013. I have added it here as it is relevant and to show my history of understanding of the 3 Principles.