Saturday 18 November 2017

The Crazy Lesson from Quinoa for Better Relationships

What do you find strange? There are lots of things we encounter in life that are unusual to us. However most things are, by definition, normal. This post is a little different so humour me while I go in a little different direction. 

Currently, I am doing an extreme detox programme. The ideas are to encourage nutrient absorption, cleanse the body of toxins and allow the body to heal itself. The way to achieve optimal nutrition, and avoid digestion issues, focuses on the foods we combine in a single meal. All the typical dishes I've grown up with, I am told are poor combinations of the basic food groups. For example, shepherd's pie is out as it combines protein and carbs. Burgers in a bun for the same reason. Even a hearty jacket potato with baked beans is ruled out.

With that said and the scene set, I am in my kitchen clearing up after a meal of quinoa salad and there is left over quinoa. I'm thinking when I will eat it but all I can think of it a list of things it can't be eaten with. I say myself, this is crazy. But then caught myself and realised, everything seems crazy when it's unfamiliar. To my fellow English, tea is drunk with milk, unusual in America. Jewish dietary laws exclude milk and meat products together, another knock against the poor cheeseburger. How are my nutritionists food combining rules any different from the myriad of other rules, beliefs and laws that are foreign and unknown to me? Principally they are not.

Each culture, society and community has its standards and normality. Whether it is another religion, nationality or scientific specialty, it has the things it knows and holds true. This hold true even more so for every unique person. The person next to me may seem crazy to me but it's likely I am to them. When we have the clarity to see that we all have different obviouses, the other person changes from frustrating to fascinating.

In every relationship, the individuals are likely to in some area be different to each other. These can either present as weird challenges or interesting opportunities. It is part of being human to switch between these constantly. Which you see at any moment is an indication of your mental state, rather than a reflection of the other person.

In conclusion, when you catch yourself thinking that your wife, boss, friend or co-worker is crazy, perhaps pause and get curious about whether the temporary insanity lies with you.